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Performance Hospitality offers a full-suite of property and asset management services to maximize the value of your investment. We employ industry-leading systems and processes to ensure efficient execution at every stage of the investment life-cycle.


The Performance Hospitality management team is highly dedicated and committed to deliver results through successful operating strategies and tactics. We understand how to utilize all possible resources effectively to ensure maximization of owner’s return.


Our accumulated knowledge and experience allows us to deliver bold results. Our operations techniques are customized to each hotel and produce strong financial results.


We are proud of our efficient operating platform. With a concentrated focus on revenues, expense controls and communication we enhance the value of the asset.

Hotel Operation


Our sales and marketing strategies are developed to empower your business, maximize revenue opportunities, and drive consistent results throughout the year, no matter the season. Our sales and marketing teams work in coordination with operations and revenue leaders to drive market leading revenue gains.

  • Develops, coordinates and monitors sales channels

  • Coordinates coverage of top accounts, including direct sales calls

  • Provides training, strategy development and "best practices" programs

  • Develops property sales and revenue management teams

  • Provides e-commerce support and strategy development

  • Participates and maximizes impact of appropriate brand programs 

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Sales and marketing
Revenue management


Our Revenue Management combines sophisticated research, detailed analysis, and a proactive approach. Working hand in hand with Sales & Marketing leaders, we are dedicated to working with each hotel to develop customized strategies and implement actions to drive top line revenues.  


We provide guidance and strategic direction to ensure that each hotel reaches its maximum potential.  We have created best in class reporting tailored to each hotel to enable a clear picture of every aspect of the hotel’s revenue strategy. We have tailored our tools with an overview and deep dive capability in order to get the most out of them. 


  • Hotel positioning in the market across all distribution channels

  • Consistent focus revolving around pricing, inventory controls,       segmentation analysis, forecasting and demand generation

  • Management of relationships with OTA market managers

  • Weekly and monthly review of STR reports for analysis

  • Ongoing training in advanced technologies and techniques

  • Forecast, budget, and long-term strategy oversight


The Food and Beverage team at Performance Hospitality is able to deliver custom crafted concepts tailored to the unique needs of each individual property. Our concept development strategy includes; market statistical & trend analysis, fiscal planning, aesthetic and functional design, budgetary awareness, as well as income and profitability projections.


Due to our discerning and thorough approach to the art of creating venues and memorable experiences our hotel’s guests have built-in opportunities to sample the best of food and drink available in the market when they stay with us.

Food and Beverage


At Performance Hospitality, we understand the importance of superior Information Technology to help your business reach its full potential, and we strive to provide guests with innovative technology that guarantee exceptional stays, while providing associates with state-of-the-art platforms and tools.


We believe that resourceful use of technology creates sustainable competitive advantages, which benefit both hotel associates and guests.


  • Shared IT Resources

  • Project Oversight

  • Centralized Help Desk System

information technology


Performance Hospitality offers innovative reporting technology. Our metric and graphic driven approach provide the relevant information while allowing the necessary flexibility and customization. Our centralized accounting system is designed to support new properties in the most efficient way. Our reporting and financial management tools allow an easy navigation through all financial statements, reports, forecasts and budget processes. 


Our procurement services offer unparalleled transparency across multiple business units with the end goal to support the use of strategic sourcing and management services that deliver results promptly. We act as an extension of your own purchasing department, saving you money and time, while creating a strong and reliable supply chain with strategic partnerships that are crucial to your property’s success.

Finance and procurement


Performance Hospitality offers Brand Relations Management Services that facilitate the implementation and activation of brand standards, service standards, and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) at your property. Our team of brand experts are ready to support brand restructuring or brand implementation at your property and ensure that customers and owners, experience the best your brand has to offer.


  • In-depth property analysis that identifies the right brand for the location

  • Advice on favorable franchise terms that maximized bottom line performance

  • Asset management approach to limit excessive brand-related expenses

  • Full compliance with brand standards

  • Evaluation of re-branding options

  • Property improvement plan strategy and execution



Performance Hospitality’s approach to Human Resources is perceiving employees as invaluable and essential assets to the success of the business.


Our thorough recruitment practices ensure that we select individuals who are passionate about mastering the art of hospitality. We are always looking for people as unique as our properties who can meet our high expectations in order to provide the level of service that our guests deserve. We pride ourselves on promoting existing talent and offer various training and development programs to cultivate knowledge, skills and abilities. We believe that our employees deserve to work in a healthy work environment that encourages creativity and collaboration.


  • Training and Development

  • Benefits Administration

  • Development Programs

  • Recognition and Awards Programs

Brand relations
Human resources


910 SE 17th Street, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33316  |  (954) 640-7999


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